Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UPDATE 7/26/11

From Laura Shepherd Martin:

Shannon had a good night! She is still sleepy wearing out easily but thats to be expected considering. She is going to be moved back to 7th floor stroke unit today as soon as bed is available. Visitation remains restricted until further notice...:) Fight fight fight Shannon... way to go girl!!

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  1. Good MOrning My sweet And sometimes not so sweet shanaploo lol.. I am missing you... I have been wanting to talk to you so badly and sometimes i forget you arent available and I grab my phne and pick it up to call you and then I sadly remember.. I feel lost without you.. Alot has happened and alot has gone on while you lay in that bad fighting for your life... Alot of emotions have been flying and everyone is bottling up things trying to be strong but then explode..You are the main interest and the main focus and getting you back is the priority nothing else... I wish I could lay there for you and you can be here typing to me instead but unfortunately i cant.. I want to take away your pain your burden.. I am not sure what you meant when you said you were mad at yourself.. I am assuming you are mad at yourself for having the stroke and feeling helpless now.. I seen it in your face and I knew when you looked at me.. I know you and I wish I could bring you all your friends that mean so much up to see you.. I am not sure what all is going on But I will find out I promise.. It should be about you and you only and I dont care what the issues are if you request something it Should be granted period.. I will be there and I will do my best to make sure you see your Jody and Jenny and julie and Amy...You have no choice but to see me LOL I know I am your first pick other than your girls haha..I wish I could get into your mind and know your thoughts and what you want to say i see it in your face and know but I dont know ya know LOL our humor ..:) I miss you so much and everyday Jenni and I have been talking and Shannon she writes to you as if you are gonna see it and read it today she keeps you so close to her by doing this.. Corbin is really having a hard time with you being sick.. I will fight for you here but you have to fight for us all and get better by fighting for your health.. Get mad shannon get ticked and get well and then we can kick butt together when you get out of there..I will never leave you and will always be there with you.. I cant live there but I am here with you in thought dreams prayers... I love you Shannon!!! YOU ARE MY PRIORITY IN THIS WHOLE MESS!!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! I will be your voice!!! Will see you this week LOVE YOU.. LAURA