Wednesday, July 27, 2011

UPDATE 7/27/11

Shannon is pretty much the same But morning nurse noted that Shannon wiggled her toes on her LEFT side and moved her left shoulder!!they couldn't get her to do it at noon today but if she did it once she can do it again! An EEG will be done tomorrow to check for seizure activity and a physical therapist was in today and will return tomorrow. Keep the prayers going..:) way to go Shannon!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

UPDATE 7/26/11

From Laura Shepherd Martin:

Shannon had a good night! She is still sleepy wearing out easily but thats to be expected considering. She is going to be moved back to 7th floor stroke unit today as soon as bed is available. Visitation remains restricted until further notice...:) Fight fight fight Shannon... way to go girl!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

UPDATE 7/25/11

From Laura Shepherd Martin:

update: Shannon is ok just had a hard time waking today.. Cat scan was good. She just was pushed to hard yesterday! She is resting now and can have immediate family visiting only for 2 hours a day thats it... Please keep prayers coming ... And PRAY FOR MY FAMILY TOO its really needed....

Trust Fund for Shannon:

From Laura Shepher Martin:

Shannon is able to receive flowers, but the family is in the process of setting up a trust fund. The trust fund is being set up for Shannon and her family because of the medical bills that are not coverd by insurance and other costs that are occuring durring this time in... their lives, the family is asking that instead of sending flowers, to please, please donate to the trust fund for the family. The trust fund is set up at 1st Source Bank and I will post by Tuesday the Account Name, Account Number and Address to the Bank there will also be a Pay-Pay Account set up for those that would like to donate to this fund. Please keep Shannon in your Prayers!!! Any questions please contact Ginger sending an email to her or posting below
Please let me know the information so that I can let everyone know and if there are any changes you would like.

Friday, July 22, 2011

UPDATE 3 7/22/11

From Laura Shepherd Martin:

She is responding, not fully awake, but she knows dave and my mom and dad... She squeezed hands when prompted and responded to nurses commands!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

From Nicole Shepherd Howe:

My Dad just called and said Shannon has been squeezing David's hand on command and seems to know the people in the room. Then when my Dad went into see her, he asked her to squeeze his hand and she did! It made my Dad cry with relief! Nurses seem pleased with her progress and she has been moved from Critical Condition to Stable!! Thank you God for your blessings...

UPDATE 2 - 7/22/11

From Laura Shepherd Martin:

OK Here we go!! If Shannon were in a coma there would be NO movement..she is moving her right arm and leg. and will pull her hand away if her finger is squeezed.she is sensitive to sound to...if talking in her room her arm would move more and heart rate goes up so sound bothers her still.

UPDATE 7/22/11

From Laura Shepherd Martin:

Morning update: Doctor removed Icp Monitor &drain tube. Her pressure has stayed between 12-14 which is right where he wanted it.There is still some swelling which is different pressure they were monitoring. So now its a waiting game to see when she will wake up. there are no testes to see why she isnt waking up we just wait and Pray!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!